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New vj news July 2007

I am releasing a new version for 2007 with enhancements that are documented in the program itself.
There are some specific install instructions until the final full install is built.
for vj
download and install
Download a16 Full Install file here (5MB) http://www.s89455333.onlinehome.us/VJ05/a16beta/VJ05a16.zip.bob
then download
Download VJ07v1.3 exe file here (1MB) http://www.s89455333.onlinehome.us/VJ07/VJ07v1.3.exe.bob and copy the exe file into the install directory. This is the file you will run.
Before you run
create a c:\VJIO directory (assuming you are installing on c:/
In the application directory, create a subdirectory called Loupe
In this directory put the Loupe software (3 files maybe 4) all obviously named
The software will work with any windows capture card or even digital (web - usb) camera.

New vj stuff at bottom of page

Hopefully, I will be able to redevelop the programs I have already written for a more modern environment. I am thinking Win98 with generic capture cards that can capture 640x480 with no dropped frames.

The first program to be developed is the Trick Timer.

Here is the revised manual as a web page.

The software is now available
There was an issue with the early release that caused to program to crash while entering a new name if the arrow keys were pressed. That is now fixed in this new version. There was also an issue with multiple warning messages under XP. This is also fixed in version 5j
I put in additional fixes because the install path was too long to be successful and the icon for the exe was pointing to the incorrect file. There were some problems with the listed install file - try this.

This is a new install file of VTT04 - video tricks.
Here is the new release in a zip file (right click and save as to get it (3.8MB).

1. Download the file
2. Unzip the three files to a temporary directory
3. Run Setup.exe
A new compiled executable Here is the new release in a exe file (right click and save as to get it (260k).

Video Jump Stuff

Here is the contents of the former discussion board (discus)

New! Capture Demo

New! This needed the short path fix the same as VTT. Now fixed.
Here is a sample app that uses the new capture mechanism (compatible with XP and WDM) to capture either freeze frames or video clips.
You could use this as a front end to vj and capture the video or frame and then load it into vj as a temporary solution until I finish the full app that will integrate both. Also this uses the latest CapturePro dll so hopefully that any issues that are being seen in the trick timer will be resolved. Right click on this link and do a "Save As"

Load instructions same as above for the Trick Timer

VJ05 beta

Click on the link and then select "Save As"
Download and install a2 to get the environemnt and then download new exe files as they are released and replace the .exe file only.
Download a2 plus the environemnt here (5MB)
Download a3 exe file here (1MB)
Download a12 exe file here (1MB)
Download a13 exe file here (1MB)
Download a13 exe file here (1MB)
Download a16 Full Install file here (5MB)
Download a16 exe file here (1MB)
Download a22 exe file here (1MB)
Download a23 exe file here (1MB)
Download a24 exe file here (1MB) ALERT! Reported Corrupted - deleted
Download a25 exe file here (1MB)
Download a29 exe file here (1MB)
Download a30 exe file here (1MB)
Download a31 exe file here (1MB)
Note, I have put a .bob suffix on the file in case anybody has a problem downloading a .exe file. Just remove it and you are ready to go.